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Update - April 22, 2013, Earth Day

In honor of Princess Week, April 22-26, 2013, as well as in response to Helaine Olen's MoneyBlog column in The Guardian newspaper, we're calling for All Real Princesss to Do 3 Good Deeds! Real Princesses recognize the lasting and inherent value of performing Good Deeds, and protecting the tiny woodland creatures, too small to look out for themselves.

Join the Real Princess Revolution today!

What is required to join?
- An open, loving heart
- A willingness to help others
- A desire to make a difference

What is not needed to be a part of the Real Princess Revolution?
- No need to spend $ or buy anything
- No special day or week needed to begin

What does it take to be a Real Princess?  Start doing 3 Good Deeds, every day! (Download free PDF here.)  Each good deed is a seed you plant, that can bear fruit far into the future, and long past the good deed itself.  "Doing three good deeds daily is an elegant habit and one that will assist all who cultivate it fully." ~ Letitia Fairbanks, author of Princess April Morning-Glory.

Thanks, Great World!

Update - February 5, 2013

Princess April Morning-Glory is now available! Go to to purchase your copy today, and receive a special discount coupon. Thanks, Great World!

Also, check out our new website, - it's the message that Princess April wants the Great World to hear.

Our Launch - Jan 27, 2013, 72nd anniversary of the original copyright of Letitia Fairbanks’ "Princess April Morning-Glory"

The story that was ahead of its time, Princess April Morning-Glory, is now rescued by technology that has finally caught up with it. After years of painstaking restoration artwork, Sandramantos Publishing is very pleased to announce the upcoming publication of Princess April Morning-Glory on Friday, February 1, 2013.